1-3 daysCHF 55
4 days CHF 65
5 days CHF 75
6 days CHF 85
7 days CHF 100
8 days CHF 105
9 days CHF 115
10 days CHF 125
11 days CHF 135
12 days CHF 145
13 days CHF 155
14 days CHF 165
15 days CHF 175
16 days CHF 185
17 days CHF 195
18 days CHF 205
19 days CHF 215
20 days CHF 225
21 days CHF 235
22 days CHF 245
23 days CHF 255
24 days CHF 265
25 days CHF 275
26 days CHF 285
27 days CHF 295
28 days CHF 305
29 days CHF 315
30 days CHF 325
31 days CHF 330

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes our parking garage is completely covered. That means You don’t have to worry what the weather is going to be like when You are away! It doesn’t matter if it’s going to snow or is it going to be a heavy rainfall, Airport Shuttle parking got it covered!
The maximum number of people that can go in the Shuttle bus is 8.
Special requests, such as child seats, are available but they need to be booked prior to arrival.
The Airport Shuttle Parking staff is at your service every day from 04:30 to 23:30. In the case your flight gets delayed, our team will be more than happy to wait for You and help You!
Minimum length of stay at the Airport Shuttle Parking is one day.
Maximum height: 2.00 m; Maximum beam: 2.00m; Maximum Length: 5.00 m. Keep in mind that floor of the vehicle must be at least 15 cm away from the ground. Vehicles with a smaller distance can not be accepted!
You don’t have to worry about safety of your car with Airport Shuttle Parking, our garage is covered with security cameras 24/7!
Yes, due to procedural reasons You leave your keys with us during your trip. Rest assured that your car will be safe on our parking lots.